High school reunion

First off, it's not mine. It is my husband's. He's been very nervous about it, even having a few mild nightmares. I decided that it didn't matter if I didn't know anyone. I was going to meet people and talk to them. Make it my job for the evening. I had to make a choice to do that, though, because I am not a party girl. I like being in charge and in control, so public speaking is fine. But parties have too many random elements and I tend to freeze up when I don't know what to do.

Last night was a get together at a blues bar in the area. We've never been but have thought about going since we bought a book that gives discounts for restaurants and there is one with the same name. I don't think we realized the bar and the cafe were different.

The party was supposed to start at 7 so we arrived about 7:15, not wanting to be first. We were. We weren't the first there, but we were the first to actually go in the building. It was weird. I thought if something started at 7 that's when you're supposed to be there. But church here and in Austin is like that. Maybe I missed the part where they tell you in middle school that you aren't supposed to show up on time to parties.

There were three women outside when we got there who were part of the reunion. One of them looked nice. Upon perusal, she looked REALLY nice. She was showing off her belly and arms and had a nice tan. When you're almost 40 you can't do that without looking good. She did.

There were two guys who came in right after we did. One of them looked at me as if they were trying to decide if they knew me, so I figured they were part of the High School reunion. Sure enough they were.

I was surprised how far some people came from. There were several folks from California, including one of LA's finest. There was a guy from Oregon. Several from Louisiana. (Which is about two hours away, and then however long to their cities.) One couple came from Dallas, but I know they came just to escape the kids for the weekend! They have three under 4 years old. Ouch.

I heard some of those stories you expect from high school, pimento cheese sandwiches and 42 beers throwing up on people. But mostly people were doing the general intro of “who you are, where are you now, what are you doing there.”

My hubby's best bud was there. He just would go out of his way not to tell people he was a doctor. I think that's silly. It's not bragging if it's what you do.

R-s work buddy had said there were a lot of divorcees on the prowl at his 20th. If they were at this party, they weren't obvious. Of course, I'm an old lady, so we left about 10:30. Maybe they came after that.

I did see one guy who was scouting. But he was very personable and didn't come on too strongly. Of course, I did mention my husband fairly quickly in the discussion.

There was one woman who kept backing away from the guy talking to her. He was trying to get close enough to hear, because she is very quiet. But she would take a step back everytime he leaned forward. Eventually she ended up backed up to a table and he could get close enough to hear her. He was still about 18 inches from her, so I'm wondering if she had some trauma that she was trying to make it farther apart.

I met a guy who wanted to impress people. He lives next door to the pool, has a 3000 square foot house, and his own company. That's okay. I could tell he was a bit nervous. But mostly I was thrilled to meet people who still live here or who live here again.

More later.