Homeschooling: Comments and teachers

I have found that most negative homeschooling comments are written by people who haven't ever interacted with homeschoolers. But it isn't always true.

My parents still feel that my sons, though brilliant and well-educated, should be in public school so they won't miss the experience. Yes, the experience of a first grade teacher who is drunk most of the year and marks all your answers correct, when they aren't. (Like my sister Jeanna's.) The experience of a seventh grade math teacher who doesn't like you and so, despite high grades in math, won't approve you to take the algebra pre-test and you end up spending a year in math doing art projects, because you've done all the work by the second week. (Mine.) The experience of a first grade teacher who makes fun of you for your accent and won't allow you to ask questions in class. (My son's one venture out of homeschooling.)

I had some great teachers. An eighth grade history teacher who made American history come alive. A seventh grade science teacher who got me interested in almost all facets of science. A ninth grade social studies teacher who taught me poetry, working hard, and making a difference. A ninth and eleventh grade English teacher who nurtured my talents even when we didn't agree with each other.

But most of my teachers were neither awful nor inspiring.

My sons' teacher, however, can be both. Ask them. “It's fun.” “It's easy.” “It's hard.” “It's too much work.” From the same kids about the same classes.

This originally started out to be a post about the comments. It got off track. I'll do better in the next one.