R and I have talked about M's history class. We have decided he is really just too young to be in the class. So we will leave him in for the rest of the semester but not put him in again next semester. At least that is our plan for right now.

E and I have agreed that if E doesn't want to do Friday classes next semester that he can abstain. I expect M will still want to go. And E will have to do some schoolwork on Fridays, just as he does now. But he will have more time free.

The college called and said the E and M have to either be in the classroom or not come to school with me when I teach off campus. That's a bit of a stretch. It's 15 minutes home. Too far to be able to race home if they need me. I am unsure what to do. It is after school so I could get someone to take care of them, but they are old enough to be babysitting. It seems a bit odd to get them a babysitter. A woman from church said she would give them her cell number. She lives less than five minutes from our house (if you are in a hurry). There is also a neighbor two doors down who is home most afternoons, if it's a true emergency. They can go with me, but they'll be in class with adults and have to read or play gameboys. Wisdom. I need wisdom.

Teaching high school is much more work and more stress than I expected. I am not handling it well and feel like quitting. But I won't. Too much work ethics and too much money riding on it. God, please make it go better.