Midterm take-homes, good news

Most students said they spent 3 hours or less on the midterm. My younger students' lowest grade was a 93. YEAH. My older students had some poorer grades, but the average for both classes together was a 90.

That's good. The in-class sections should be a bit more difficult for the older students because it is over their notes. However, I don't expect that the average will be much below a B+. If it is, I don't know what I will do.

The second section of the midterm has 94 questions for English 3 and 40 questions for English 2. I expect English 2 to be finished before class is half over. Maybe even in 20 minutes or less. I think English 3 will take at least 45 minutes and some people will take most of the hour and a half of class. I am hoping they don't take all of it. If they don't then we can grade at least two sections in class and get a clearer picture of their grades.