Are you a boy or girl? Your writing tells.

If you go to this site and put in a text of 500 words or more, the algorithm is supposed to tell you whether the author of the piece is a male or female. I figured I could fool it.

First, I took 1342 words out of chapter 8 in my novel. It scored 1860 points female, 1801 points male. It said I was a female. It was right.

Then, I tried to take part of my dissertation, figuring that would be definitely more male. But Word wouldn't read it. Guess my old version was too old. Instead I used the lecture I gave to a bunch of homeschooling moms. 1833 female, 2193 male. Oops. It missed.

Third I went to my blog. (It has a category for blog entries.) I took 1361 words on homeschooling and bad drivers and got 2092 female and 2111 male. Wrong again.

Fourth I took other blogs about my family and teaching and midterms. For 1484 words I got a 3174 score female, 2033 score male. So I definitely talk about teaching and my family as if I were a woman.

I think it is interesting. Try it.