Daily Life as a Homeschooling Mom

I spent three hours today rebuilding a shed with my dad. My dad did most of the work. I drilled holes, held walls, got screws, poured Dr. Pepper, bought Snickers, moved wood, etc. I participated in all of it, but it wouldn’t have gotten done without my father. I have no faith to try stuff I’ve never done on my own and my husband, wonderful as he is, couldn’t have cared less that the floor had rotted out of the shed. Thanks, Dad.

I also spent an hour running errands at the college. I teach two classes and when students have to re-take a test, they go to the testing center. I then go there to pick up their tests. (Why can’t they mail them to me?) Then I walk back across campus to the English office to grade the tests, because that’s the only place the answers to the test are. One of my students passed the re-take. Thank goodness! She’s been studying three hours a week with a tutor since the first week of school. Two others, who have done diddly, failed big time. Bigger than the first time through.

I spent two hours working with my sons on their school work. I gave a spelling list out to my youngest. Set out my oldest’s history reading for the day. Checked his math. Looked over my youngest’s math and science. Talked to my oldest about his project for school tomorrow.

I also spent two hours going to, teaching, and coming back from college. It would have been longer, but the students told me the short cut to get home. Took 20 minutes off my going-home drive. Wish I had thought to ask earlier.

That’s eight hours. What else did I do? I watched half an hour of TV, House Hunters and 2 Wheel Tuesday.

I re-read two mystery novels by Ellis Peters. Both in the Cadfael series. The Pilgrim of Hate and A Morbid Taste for Bones. I also would have re-read A Virgin in the Ice, but it appears I don’t own it. Drats.

I read Bill O’Reilly’s book Who’s Looking Out for You? because my dad brought it over. I also read it because it was well-written and because I pretty much agree with his assessment of everything except that any religion will do you. That took about an hour and a half.

I went out to dinner with my family. I ate too much. (Not at dinner, but earlier in the day.) I graded papers. I reviewed the syllabus. I did laundry. I added to the grocery list. I thought about school tomorrow. I made a decision about which class I would prefer to teach at the college next semester. I put dishes in the dishwasher and took out the trash. I rewound the clock, which had run down three hours earlier. I usually wind it twice a week, but I had forgotten.

It was just a regular very busy day.