For two days my husband's computer at work has been down and he has been unable to connect to the net on his own computer, which he takes with him. For two days I have not been able to ichat him when something has come up and even my emails have not gotten through. I did not realize how much I relied on these things to keep up with him and keep him apprised of changes in our lives.

Yesterday I ichatted one of his coworkers, since he wasn't on. B was the one who told me R's computer was out. I do think I freaked B out a bit by ichatting him. I don't know him very well. But R borrowed my computer when he had to send his in to get the hard drive repaired and so B was on my buddy list. I ended up having to call R on the phone to talk to him. That's much less useful than the net, because he has to write down anything I have to give him, like phone number or something.

I don't like it when he's disconnected from the net. I hope he gets back on soon.