Individual Insanity

No, not mine. I got a call from an admin up at the college. “The parking at your campus will be non-existent today due to a party scheduled there. Do you want us to call your students and cancel class?” I talked to the admin for a while and then said, “I guess we could just put a sign on the door to let my students know class is being cancelled.” “You're CANCELLING class!!! Why would you do that?”

People are just plain scary. I am going to go to class, maybe not get a parking place, and my students won't get one. Because an admin who suggested I cancel class had a cow about it when I agreed to do that. I wonder what this admin thinks of the math teacher who has missed more than 8 classes out of 16 in the last two months. Or does she care? Why is she messing with me? Why would she call and suggest cancelling class and then have a fit about the idea?