New blog site

I’ve left Blog City because it was too slow and too often down. I will miss the community that didn’t quite develop there, but started to form.

I wonder how many people will read my new blog now that I am not on the old site.

I don’t know how you get a blog “out there” and read. But I know my husband does know, so I’ll have to go to the expert.

It was a challenge picking a domain name that wasn’t taken, that didn’t have th wrong connotations, that was easy to spell. I thought about ruminate, but… My husband couldn’t spell it.

Myhouse wasn’t available. I didn’t go look, but it is probably a real estate site.

I went through quite a few. I liked blogdancer, but decided that people would expect it to be a dancer’s site and while I enjoy seeing dancers, I’m not one.

Then I found a lot of weblog and blog followed by words, but R thought that they were too “site-centric.” They sounded like blog hosting services.

Whenthespiritmoves was still available, but R said it would sound religious. Probably only to religious people, but…

Anyway, here I am, at myownthoughts.