Christmas wish list

I was looking over one of these wish lists on a site and found the blogger had items from $15, reasonable, to $1650, a bit pricey for the average Christmas shopper. Since I decided that meant I could put anything I wanted on a list, regardless of how likely I was to get it:


CCL–$200 or so

Duncan Phyfe dining room set- $1500

Duncan Phyfe dresser set- $800

32 dessert plates to Vista at Target- $104

2 bread plates, Vista at Target- $26

a new purse, black, small- $10-20 at Walmart or Target

10 pounds lost

new bedspread- $250

Queen sleighbed with leather padding- $600

frame for picture- $250

Wow. I don’t have much that’s not expensive. I guess if it weren’t I’d buy it for myself.

baby talks book at the Bookmarket- $6 (Mary Cassatt pictures with rudimentary “baby” things like “baby drinks” “baby eats”)

thick socks

new undies, comfortable

new bras, comfortable

These are not in any particular order and haven’t been well thought through.