I can’t believe it has been over a week since I wrote. Then again, it feels like forever since I wrote.

Wednesday afternoon, you know, the one before Thanksgiving, my mother called at 4 pm and asked if I could host the dinner. I said, yes, if I went to the grocery store immediately. She said goodbye and hung up.

So, I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my own family of four, my parents, and my two siblings who were in from NC. Neither of their spouses ever come to family get togethers and my other sister went to see her in-laws. (There’s a rant on the site about that.)

I made turkey, for my hubby, and Mexican steak for the rest of my family. I made potatoes for my son and I and rice for the rest of my family. I made sweet potatoes for my husband. Also cranberry sauce for my mom. There was a salad that I don’t think anyone ate. There was garlic bread and regular rolls. For a family of eight we managed to eat 8 sticks of butter at that one meal. That’s pretty amazing. Scary, too.

I received sixty research papers from my students the week of Thanksgiving. I still haven’t finished grading those and I got another ten in this week, plus ten essays. I had another fifteen essays come in, but I graded those already because they needed to be handed back today.

My tree is up and it looks pretty. I think I’ll talk about decorations in another post.