Christmas decorations

I spent $3000 and three weeks buying Christmas decorations last year. But they weren’t for me. They were for my folks’ house. My mother had an operation in late summer/early fall and had offered her home for the Christmas Tour. So it had to be decorated. It was absolutely fantastic, if I do say so myself.

I have some Christmas decorations, but they aren’t all the same kind and that is giving me fits. I’m not too picky usually, though I am getting pickier about the decor, but we are having a New Years party and if the decorations are still going to be up, I would like it to look nice.

First, I have a small collection of nativity scenes. Not many, but some.

Then I have a collection of about forty pewter ornaments which I love.

Then I have four nice wreaths.

Then I have a bunch of tins. But they don’t go with the stuff I have.

It’s kind of like I explained to my mother last year. When you have a small apartment, the decorations you use are a lot different than when you have a 4800 square foot house. (Two years ago they were in an apt. Last year in the big house.) As we have upgraded, house (3 years ago) and furniture (last 2 years, hand me downs from rich relatives) and art (gifts and several bargain purchases), the quaint homey Christmas decorations that worked great in our 1400 sq ft house don’t fill up or look as nice in our 2600 sq ft house.

I put lights on our tree and hung blue ornaments. It looks very elegant. And I love it. But it means there is nowhere to hang my favorite pewter ornaments. I have thought about buying a 4 foot tree and putting it in the dining room with apricot roses and ribbon and my pewter ornaments. (I can hear my husband scream now as he reads this.)

Of course, you don’t have to put out all your ornaments every year. It’s not necessary. My pewters will be there next year.

I am trying to teach my youngest son that all his stuff doesn’t need to be out. I don’t think he is getting that. I don’t know if my boys have too much stuff they don’t use or too much stuff they do use. Anyway, their rooms are full, closets and all. I need to figure out what to do about that, too. The reason it relates is that they each have a small tree and decorations. But you don’t even notice M’s because of all the other stuff in his room.

I am thinking maybe he needs a display shelf, but then how would he reach it to play with it. Maybe I just need to get him a big trunk, for a toy trunk.