going on

Today classes started again. One of the students who dropped my class last semester is taking it this semester.

I gave the students a book to read over the holidays. My 8/9 class read the book, at least most of it. I had one student who only read parts. My 10/11/12 class had one student who didn’t read any. Most students read it this weekend, which was great, because we’ll be writing on the books these next two weeks.

It looks like two smaller classes will consolidate into one class. That gives me three less hours a week at school, but no more grading/etc. It means my pay will be a third less than last semester, but it was going down almost that much anyway, because the school pays based on how many students you have in class.

Two days ago I read six or seven novels by Suzanne Brockmann, a romance author, whose work I really enjoy. I’d read them before and romances tend to be a quick read for me. It was a fun thing.

My hubby left today. He’ll be gone a week for work. I’m glad he has this trip. It’s always so good to have him come home afterwords. However, I find it hard sleeping when he is gone. The house creaks, the door shifts… It’s just louder when he’s not here. Plus it’s cold, so I can’t turn on the fan to cover the noises.

I’ve been avoiding sugar, wheat, and yeast for several days now. I do feel much better, but I don’t think I’ve conquered the thing yet and I am getting tired of the food choices. Some of that is my fault. I get in a rut. But some of it is that my favorite foods, my comfort foods, have those things in them. My family of origin’s favorite meal is one I made last week. But I didn’t get to have a single bite because I got so sick and there is added table sugar in it. So none of that. I wanted a peanut butter sandwich and milk tonight. But that would have meant bread. Even our crackers have yeast in them!

Health is better than taste. I am starting to learn that. I know that I have cravings for foods that I shouldn’t eat. If I will just wait them out they will go away. If I wait long enough I will cease to want them. But that takes a while.

My husband and I plan on starting back on BFL when he comes home. I need the encouragement to start again. Of course, mine will be an amended BFL because I’ll be avoiding sugars, wheat and yeast… but I can do it. I will do it.

I was sitting in the kitchen reading and I was just hungry and bored. No, I wasn’t hungry, but I kept wanting food. So I came out to the living room to write instead. That was a good choice.