Homeschooling responses

I wrote a long entry on homeschooling at my other blog and people are still commenting there rather than coming here.

This was an interesting comment I received this week:

When I finished my home schooling I was not ready to face life. I had few friends during my youth and I was extreamly shy. I am a slow reader, slow with numbers and as you may have guessed I cant spell worth a darn. socializing was very difficult for me I am much better at it now but then I’m 44. I did not have a good relationship with my grandparents. Our family was very close( dad, mom and six kids ) we did alot of camping and hiking together. I generaly have fond memories of my childhood and my parents were responscible and did the best they Knew how. We were church attenders and as such I have lived a generaly good moral life. My only regret is not being ready to face life on my own.

Every thing I have just shared with you is absolutly true except for one thing, I lied about the homeschool part. My parents never did homeschool me or my siblings. I am a product of the lousy stinkin public school system. Many of my teachers were poor at best and they didnt care about me. My sixth grade teacher, a male gave me zero personal time. He brought in other T. aids for that. I misrably failed that year and had to repeat it. Enough said about that.

I am now happily married and have two school age children. My wife and I are BOTH homescholling them. My oldest daughter was shy like me since birth but. I vowed that she would not repeat my childhood. AND SHE IS NOT. She can converse with adults. Ive had adults tell me that she is a talker. She gets excited about going to grandmas house and calls her on the phone often. When she was a baby she would cry just looking at other people. Even grandma couldnt hold her. My cildren routinely socialize with people of other races. In fact my wife is of a differnt race and my children are mixed and are becoming bilingual and if I might add the most beautiful children this side of the mississippi. My nine year old can read almost as well as me, minus the vocabulary and no doubt will spell better. YOU can have your lousy money wasten, humanistic, condom passing out, drug and smoke infested, crude and vulgar language lousy teacher, anti social public school. Don’t tell me it ain’t so, Ive been there.