Serenity at our house

Today we brought Serenity home.

Serenity is a seven week old brown, tan, and white beagle puppy. She is sweet and very quitet, so far. She was very sweet riding home the hour in the car. She wandered around the house and the yard for about an hour and then laid down next to my husband and took a nap. She’s now in her crate napping.

Since I’ve got allergies to cats and some dogs, we went about picking what type of dog to get very carefully.

Supposedly there are three kinds of dogs which are less likely to trigger allergies: poodles, schnauzers, and beagles. My son said that poodles looked like evil rats with afros. He’d seen pictures of show poodles only. Plus, of course, poodles are girly dogs. So we went for beagle. We researched them. We read about them. We went to websites on them. We talked to owners and vets.

And today we drove an hour away from our house and picked up the last offspring of Precious and Skipper Gipson. At least the last out of this litter.