Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 1

It’s been one day. I have eaten most of a package of salad, 17 oz of beef, a slice of cucumber, some green beans, one and a quarter Ice Botanicals, 80 oz of water, two oranges, two eggs, and some Morton Lite Salt. That’s been my food for the day. It’s a lot of beef, but not much of anything else.

How do I feel? Well, this afternoon, after lunch, I felt hungry and sick, so I ate some more. Then tonight, before dinner was ready, I also felt hungry, but not sick. I am peeing a lot.

I’m still wondering if this is going to work. I am wondering if I have set myself up to fail. I’ve been thinking a bit about all the foods I won’t be eating for the next year.

The one thing about that is that I know once you haven’t had a food for a long time, it doesn’t taste the same the next time you have it. BFL broke me of my love for potato chips. So, we’ll see if my love affair with bread ends.

I don’t know what I weigh. They said not to weigh except once a week. (Like that’s going to happen.)