The reason I started blogging was to get my ideas “out there” and get other people responding to them.

However, no one reads this blog except my husband and me.

So what is the point? Is it my on-line diary? My on-line journal? What is the point of writing something no one reads? Well, I guess I read it. And assuming the web stays stable it’ll be there to be read for a long time. Interesting idea.

I have friends who would read the blog, but if I told them about it, then I would not be able to blog about things I think about that they would be totally opposed to. It’d be kind of like my animal rescue friend J telling my reptile/bug friend A that if A bought a snake, J wouldn’t able to be her friend, because she’d have to feed things to the snake that J tries to rescue. And if you think that’s a close limit, you have no idea how they’d freak over going to a topless bar or reading an erotic novel.