Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 2, part 2

For the first two weeks, you are supposed to go in every day to the Center. So I went in again today. According to their scale, I had lost exactly 3 pounds. In about 30 hours.

Turns out you can have decaf tea. I asked.

I’m feeling rather lightheaded. They said carb withdrawal can cause that. I am sure that I’m having that since any and all of my favorite foods are “bad carbs.” They told me to have another orange, if I needed it. But that’s three oranges.

I’m a little more stressed out or on edge than usual. But I guess that’s probably part of the carb withdrawal as well and I will get over it.

You get to eat carbs on this diet. It’s just most of them are roughage carbs… You know, lots of water and some roughage, not much else. The breads, desserts, popcorn… Those are not on this eating plan.

I can eat all I want these first three days, but only of green veggies and beef. After that the diet is considerably more constrained.–At least to my way of thinking.

Last night I went to bed at 9. I can’t do that tonight because I only ate my last orange at 8. So I need to be up several more hours. I think you aren’t supposed to eat fruit after 6, but I needed it. So I ate it.

I am looking forward to getting rid of my size 16s. They’re loose now. But I want to be wearing my 12s again comfortably soon. Certainly I should by the end of the month.

–One thing I learned today. If you lose 3 or more pounds, you go on the trainers’ “plus” sheet. If you lose less than 3 you go on their “minus” sheet. If you gain or don’t lose, they don’t write you down. It’s as if you don’t exist for that week. (Since you normally only go in once a week.) Of course, as with all diets, some people have more problems than others and some people lose way more than others. They only track the people who are “doing what they are supposed to.” So what does that mean if you are following their prescriptions but not losing weight?

That could be a problem.