Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 2, part 3

I haven’t finished my 80 oz of water today, so I fixed myself a glass of ice water, added lemon, and sat down to drink.

I asked tonight why only 2 diet sodas were allowed or 2 Crystal lites. They said it was because of sodium. I drink Ice Botanicals. 0 mg of sodium. Why can’t I have all I want of those? I don’t know. Because it isn’t on the approved list. Okay, why not? No answer to that one. I may have to take a bottle in. Someone might have to actually ask a dietician, if the company has one.

Wow. I’m not very positive about this thing I just spent $700 on, am I?

Here’s the positive part: In two days I’ve lost 5 pounds of scale weight. Before I started, in the evening, my weight was 189. Yesterday evening it was 186. Tonight it was 184. Those are some rapidly falling numbers.

As long as I stay busy and don’t drop my work levels because my energy levels are dropping, I should be doing great. Unfortunately, right now they are dropping. I figure it’s carb withdrawals. Hopefully it will stabilize quickly.