Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 3




Those are my morning weights for the last three days.

So I’ve lost more weight again. I like that, of course.

I don’t feel well, but that is probably a combination of several things, most having no relationship to the diet.

My neck has been sore for weeks. I finally figured out it was my new pillow, got rid of that, and went to the chiropractor. It’s much better, but still not perfect.

My back hurts. But there’s no question that is because I started my period today. I shouldn’t have. My period isn’t due for a while. But my body is fighting through the pills and giving it to me anyway. Last time I stopped the pills for a week, to just let it have its way, and it took over two weeks to quit. I’m not doing that this time.

Also, my side hurts. I’ve got a deep muscle pain in my right side. Normally I get those from straining, but I’ve done diddly, so I don’t know why it’s happening.

I took my carb blocker about five minutes ago. I have breakfast and lunch on the stove cooking. The beef has been very good, but I’m not a very good roughage person. That’s going to be much tougher. But I’ll make it.