Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 4

I weighed in this morning at 181.4 on my scale. I’ll use both mine and theirs to keep track of my weight.

181.4 means I have lost 4.4 pounds in the last three days. That’s pretty amazing. My hubby says that’s about what I did on BFL. I hope that this goes as smoothly at the beginning and keeps going smoothly all the way to the end. The end I want it to go to and not the place where it just quits working.

I am feeling better. Not as grumpy. I am still getting hungry quickly, so I am trying to break everything down into smaller meals, so I can have more stuff when I get hungry again.

Of course, they tell you that the earlier you eat the better off you are. The problem with that is you don’t always have an option. For instance, R and I are going out for a date tonight. I’m assuming we’ll go eat, since I scheduled the sitter so we could. But then that means I am waiting till we go out to eat to get my main meal in.

We had a church luncheon today. I managed to have 4 oz of chicken and two of my veggies. I ate an apple when I got home this afternoon. So I am on track.

That is more of an accomplishment than it sounds. Other foods there included potato chips, baked beans, homemade cookies, homemade pies, homemade ice cream, and homemade brownies. In fact, the desserts were the most plentiful food at the luncheon.

I tried the berry protein drink that tasted kind of like jello with ice and a diet Sprite this morning. It was very good. I also had the diet bread, okay but not great, and some light margarine, same thing.

I think I will get the pudding mixes and the lemonade when I go in tomorrow to try them.