Feeling ill

I am not feeling too great today. I’ve got a tummy ache. So, since lunch, which was eggs, I’ve had two fruit smoothies, to satisfy my fruit requirement for the day, and a lemon protein pudding, for my other supplement.

I didn’t eat a protein and two veggies. I just felt awful. Actually, writing that first sentence in this paragraph made me nauseous. That’s ridiculous.

I have to get well, too, because my dad is coming to pick up the boys and the dog tomorrow and letting me borrow his truck to go get the furniture in. (The bookcase/curio cabinet I bought two weeks ago outside Dallas.) My mom’s going to the airport, so she’s bringing the truck and Dad’s bringing the car. We’ll meet her for lunch and then I can leave.

I kind of want to go straight up there and come straight back, in the hopes of getting this over. I kind of want to go up there and spend the night with my friend and then come back on Friday afternoon sometime.

I can’t go get the kids till R and I can both go because I can’t take Dad his truck back and not have a vehicle to pick them up in. Since my car is in the shop…

Also, after Dad and the boys drop Mom off at the airport, they’re going to have to come back here to get the dog. She can still get out of the fence, so they can’t just leave her with the dog house and the fan till R gets home.

I am very tired, but I feel more energetic since I took a shower and washed my hair tonight. Wish my stomach felt better.

No car

Once again, for the fourth or fifth week in a row, my car is at the mechanic’s. I hope they can find out what is wrong this time and fix it. I am so sick and tired of this whole thing. I want my car fixed.

I would like to have my car for weeks in a row without having to take it in because the light is on.

Plus, it needs an inspection sticker as of tomorrow, and I need to be able to get it.

I am supposed to be applying for a teaching position at KCA this week. But I don’t see how I can teach there. I am doing Homerun from 8-12 on Friday. Then I have a class at 3 on TR at the college. The only time I could is between 12 and 3 and really I can’t. I need that time to pick up E. So I guess I won’t apply after all.

I want my car back.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 41


I’ve now lost 16 pounds. I like that.

Yesterday I had finished all my food by 7. I was a bit hungry when I woke up this morning.

It is supposed to help you lose weight if you eat all your food earlier in the day. But I know that sometimes at night I get hungry. I guess, if I eat early, I could have an Ice Botanical/Diet Sprite drink. That would help break down the hunger pains.

I need to take up sit-ups. That’s not weight lifting and it would make my tummy go down faster.

My girlfriend called and said she can do real push ups now. I don’t think I can do fake push ups.

I need to get working on that.

–I went reading back through my old Health and Looks entries. In August of last year I only weighed 163. So I gained the 22 extra pounds during teaching. Okay, maybe high school teaching was extremely stressful. According to my profile from QWLC, I gain weight when I am stressed. I have a habit of stress eating.

That’s not a surprise.

I weighed 145 six weeks after my youngest was born. Four months later my husband went in the hospital. I gained 15 pounds. It took me a long time to get it off.

I finally got it off, my dad had three or four retinal detachments in a row. I gained weight again.

So, maybe I need to find a new thing to do during stressful times. Maybe I could be like my friends and develop the habit of not eating when I am stressed. Of being much more active when I am stressed.

You know, I am only 9.8 pounds from my lowest weight in several years. That’s another month.

Then I’ll be going lower. Then is when it will get more exciting. I hope.

I may walk up to the grocery store to get some meat for lunch. Or maybe I’ll ride my bike up there. That sounds like a good thing to do. I might buy some lunchables for the boys, too. I am sure they would enjoy that.

Weighty blogs

I don’t think on H-town blogs asked about overweight bloggers. Why, she asked, are so many bloggers overweight? I actually thought she answered her own question.

If two-thirds of Americans are overweight, then most bloggers are going to be overweight.

I personally am thrilled that bloggers are trying to lose weight. That seems like a plan to me.

I don’t want to be overweight for two reasons. One, I want to look good. Two, I want to be healthy. (Read old blog entries for health stuff.)

I’ve gotten a LOT better because I have changed my diet. When I was a vegetarian it was taking all my energy for an entire day to do a load of laundry. I do literally mean putting it in the washer, moving it to the dryer, folding it, and putting it away. That was it.

And changing my diet lets me be more active. It doesn’t make me be more active, but it lets me be.

Today I went out and mowed the lawn, in the middle of the morning, because it needed mowing. I didn’t get it all done (we’ve had rain every day for a month and the ground is waterlogged), but I mowed. I remember the last time I went out and tried to mow, 15 pounds ago, when I had to come in and ask my son for water, food, and a towel because I was collapsing. I didn’t even make a quarter of the lawn that day.

So, yes, I’m on a “diet.” But it’s not a stupid diet. Have you read it? Two hefty proteins, two small starches, four reasonable veggies, three reasonable fruits, two protein supplements, and the vitamins and minerals I need. Add in some caffeine to boost my metabolism.

I obsess about it, perhaps, because it is not easy for me to make good food choices. It helps me to keep my focus and remember what my goals are to write about it. And the progress is sometimes so small ONLY writing about it makes it visible.

And really, to stay on it, this diet minimizes food choices for me. I like to eat cheese. I like to eat Italian. I adore pasta. I adore bread. But I don’t eat pasta and I don’t eat much bread either. Not because I hate myself, but because I like myself. I want to be healthy. I want to look good.

Not just because looking good is exciting, but because looking good is one of the symptoms of healthy. I don’t want to be super skinny. That’s not necessarily healthy. (See anorexia relapse in the news, if you don’t know that.) I do want to be able to buy clothes in the regular stores. Why? Because it means I’m getting healthier. I’m the “right” size if I can buy my clothes in the regular stores.

Right now, I can. I wear sizes 8-12 right now. (Although I am sure there are some stores I would wear a size 14 in.) But I know I’m not healthy. I’m not at a weight where I can walk for hours without pain.

Over my lifetime, I’ve gained weight. I lost most of my weight after both my boys were born, though I gained HUGE amounts when I was pregnant. But I remember fighting to get down from 150. That was 12 years ago. Three years ago I was fighting to get down from 195. I’m never going back there again. But I want to be HEALTHY. And one measure of health is weight.

So I blog about it. It helps me keep focused.

And, yes, if you saw me you would think I was overweight. But I’m going in the right direction and that’s the important thing right now.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 39


That’s not bad. It’s certainly better than yesterday. But it’s not as good as I would have liked it. I guess I shouldn’t complain. It’s moving down. It’s down from two days ago and significantly down from yesterday, which must have been water weight.

If I lost .4 pounds a day, I’d be thrilled. But this is .2 a day. Which means it will take me five days to lose a single pound.

That’s better than gaining or being stable.

I guess I need to remind myself of the goal. The goal is to lose weight and get healthy.

Yes, it would be wonderful if I could take the weight off quickly, dropping twelve pounds or more a month. But even if it doesn’t come off quickly, as long as it is coming off I am meeting my goal.

In 37 days I lost 15 pounds. If that continues, I will lose the weight I set out to lose in 128 days. Which is more than the 16 weeks QWLC said it would take. Their estimate was 112 days. But I didn’t really believe their estimate. I just hoped it would be right.

Even if the weight loss slows down, I’ll be okay. A pound a week means it will take many more weeks to lose the weight, but I can lose it. That’s the goal. Losing the weight.

If it plateaus for a week, I will take up exercising again. I need to anyway and the drop in weight from adding exercise will hopefully get me moving and keep me moving.

I’d like to add weight lifting, because I enjoy it, but then you add muscle while you’re losing fat and it looks like you’re plateauing. I guess if I’m plateauing for a long time I’ll add it anyway. I mean, then I’ll feel like there is some point to the plateau.

The important thing is to keep the goal in mind: Lose weight and get healthier. Then stay that way.

Coffee and caffeine

I don’t drink coffee. Don’t like the taste, though I find the smell pleasant.

However, I was looking up stuff on the caffeine in coffee (web sources range from 85-115 mg per cup) and the benefits of it. I mean, if I’m having to take caffeine, why? Is it all bad? All good? A mixed bag?

I don’t know if straight caffeine works the same way as coffee (though I hope so), but this site says that coffee can cut your risk of Type 2 Diabetes. If you are a woman and have 6 cups or more a day, your risk is cut by 30%.

One of the reasons I want to lose weight is health. And one of the more easily identified health problems I want to avoid is Type 2 diabetes. Both my grandmothers had it. Both my mom and mother-in-law have it. My brother has it. I don’t want to go there. So that is interesting.

Especially in light of the recommendations on the bottle of caffeine, which say not to exceed three doses a day. Which is three cups of coffee. Of course, QWLC says I can have two cups of coffee in addition to the caffeine pills. Plus all the decaf I want, even though decaf has 3 mg of caffeine.

Unfortunately, while the caffeine lowers your risk of Parkinson’s by up to 80%, it’s the coffee that helps with the diabetes. Tea won’t do it. Decaf coffee will. Drats.

Should I attempt to take up coffee? Ugh.

Maybe I can drink it Brazilian style, in a shot glass with as much caffeine as we put in a single cup. There my two tablespoons of milk might actually have some impact.

Coffee also helps your liver and gallbladder. This study says the caffeine can help stop asthma attacks as well.

I am not worried about my liver, gallblader, or asthma (which I don’t have), but I still might have to take it up for the diabetes thing.

Looks like, since I don’t want to take up coffee, my next best choice is to take up green tea. I think I can probably handle that. And I’ll just have to keep working on the weight to scare of the bugbear of Type 2 diabetes.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 38

Today my scale said I was back to the 171.2 pounds I’ve mostly been at all week.

This makes me mad because I am supposed to be losing weight, not gaining it. I have been very careful with my food choices. It’s frustrating.

However, I will tell you, I am not sticking with their herbs and their caffeine. For $20, rather than $135, I can get “the caffeine in a cup of coffee.” Which is really strange, because that doesn’t seem like much caffeine to me, even though I am not a coffee drinker. Also, for $4 rather than $39 I can get EFAs. They aren’t exactly the same, but they are basically. QWLC doesn’t have proprietary research that they’re doing. This is the same stuff in their bottles for a lot more. It’s how they make their money.

I am also frustrated because my girlfriend, following a modified BFL has lost 50 pounds in the last six months. Why couldn’t I lose that much? Why didn’t I keep losing it? If it’s hormones, I can’t afford to buy those. But I’m struggling here and I am very frustrated with that.

We’ll see what the scale says tomorrow.


I went to Patron Saint Index today looking for some information.

It was amazing to me how many things there are to be a saint of. I was also amazed at how many saints are saints of multiple things.

I don’t think that God counts saints the way we do, but I would expect that if He is using someone to do miracles, they are glorifying him with it.

I thought I would see who the saint of weight loss is, since I need help with that. So far there is not one specifically for that. I went through all the saints reading their stories and quotes. Some of htem are amazing.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 37

Today my scale officially said I have lost 15 pounds! Whoohoo!

I ran out of EFA’s and they were out at the center. I went to WalMart and got something similar, though not exactly the same, for $3.50 instead of $39.00.

I also looked around at the herbs. The price for those at the center are $135. And they are mostly just bottled caffeine. At WalMart I can get something very similar for $9.87. It’s still just bottled caffeine, but some of the caffeine is a bit different.

I told the lady at QWLC about the EFAs. She said not to get them because they aren’t quite as good and “you get what you pay for.” But you know, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you get the same cheap stuff, but for a much more expensive price.

To celebrate losing 15 pounds, I had thought I would go to Galveston for the weekend, when that happened, but that is going to have to wait. Maybe R and I can go when I’ve lost 30 pounds. (Only 5 more weeks at present rate.)

What I did do to celebrate was go buy some clothes. Sometimes it is difficult to buy clothes when you are losing weight because you think “I’m going to lose more.” However, my clothes were limited to one dress, one bleach stained pair of black jeans, a pair of black pants, and a pair of brown pants. The brown pants are still a little tight. But… I have gotten tired of wearing black.

Today I bought two burgundy tops, one pink one, and one royal blue one. I bought two pairs of jeans (size 10), one pair of skorts (size 8), one skirt (size 10), and two pairs of shorts (size 12). And the clothes feel good on. I feel like I look good and they feel good. Plus, only one piece-a pair of shorts- was black. So I have a bit more color in my wardrobe.

I don’t doubt I will eventually move back to black, but right now the colors are a lot more fun.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 36

This morning the scale read 171.2 again. In some ways that is good, because I lost the water weight. In some ways it is bad because it didn’t drop more.

36 days and I’ve only lost 14.5 pounds. That’s definitely not good.

One thing that is good is that I had baked apple today. I peeled it, sliced it, laid it out in a pie pan, added nutmeg, cinnamon, and Splenda, and then cooked it at 375 for 15 minutes. It was very good. I put a bit too much cinnamon on it, but that wasn’t hard to take off after it was cooked. I enjoyed it.

Maybe I need to work at finding recipes I can have which are different. Eating the same things continually can get old.

I hope my weight starts dropping again.

Artists to Watch

Okay, even though I’m out of money, and wall space, I went to ebay and looked through the art section. I found some beautiful work there.

Conni Togel. I like her stuff.

Sherry L. Her Autumn Trees caught my eye.

There’s another guy, Bob, whose stuff is hangable now. I put it in Ebay watch, but ebay isn’t loading right now for some reason.

There’s a lifetime woodcut Durer for sale. Too rich for my blood, plus it’s not one of my favorite pictures, but it is a great Durer. Only $4000. And no one’s bid, so if you want it, it’ll be yours.

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Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 35

Day 33, as reported, I weighed in at 171.2.

Day 34 I weighed in at 171.2. That’s not good, so I dropped a starch and a fruit. But we went out to dinner and, after assuring me there was nothing on the plate but turkey, I was given a turkey plate with barbeque sauce on it. I thought about it and I ate it anyway. I had already had my lite salt, but surely that 4 Tablespoons (at the most) of sauce couldn’t hurt.

Then I was so exhausted I went to bed an hour early. I slept longer than usual. It was hard to wake up. And, when I weighed in today, I weighed in at 172.2.


That’s not good. I know that it’s not “real” weight. I didn’t eat an extra 3500 calories yesterday, but it is solid water weight and it shows up on the scales. I’m hoping it will go away by tomorrow if I’m a good girl and eat all my food and drink all my water.

I still don’t have my car back (This time the place has had it for four days.), so I can’t go check back in with the center, which is great by me because I wouldn’t want to check in today. Yesterday, yes. Today, no.

Hopefully the sugar/salt will flush through by tomorrow. And also hopefully I’ll have my car back and working.

Surfing the Web

Surfing the web can be dangerous. I found hundreds of dollars of blue depression glass that I wanted to purchase.

So I thought I’d do something safer. I went to H-town blogs and started surfing there.

Except that one of the blogs is called “Anonymous Rex” and, since my college bud Rex Gillit lives in Houston, I started reading it to see if it was him. Don’t think so. Can’t remember why now. So I stuck Rex’s name in Google to see what would turn up. I found out he and Dave have lots of money. (Or did. Don’t know if this is a new partner or an old one. We don’t stay in touch.) I also found out he’s the President (or was) of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Houston. I’m not surprised by that. He once wrote a symphony in his head, even though he didn’t know how to play most of the instruments. I can’t even recognize them, much less hear them make notes together that I’ve never heard before. Anyway…

So I thought I’d look for Mike Beggs, on whom I had a colossal crush in college. Please remember I was a lowly 17 year old junior when I met him and I acted like a 14 year old kid, probably. I doubt he has fond memories of me, though I do of him. He’s now the chair of the division of Religion and Philosophy Dept at Newberry College in SC.

Then I went looking for my best friend in college. I didn’t actually have to do that. I know where she lives (45 minutes away) and works (probably more than that, but for the same company my dad retired from). I have her email, address, and phone number. All I found was her name listed in her husband’s geneaology.

Then I decided I would look for some people from before college. So I put in Andy and Vivian Randall. I knew them from church in NY, which is where I went to high school. I put in their names and a picture comes up, saying Andy is now deceased. I went and looked at the picture. It made me want to cry.

I do have more people I know in Heaven now. Guess I have in fact hit middle age.

Went looking for high school buds. Didn’t find them. Remember more of them than I thought I did, though. None of my high school teachers are still teaching. Of course that’s not a surprise. Since I went to high school back in 76-78. Byram Hills High School, Armonk, New York.

Rearranging Furniture

We have pretty much left the house as is for a while.

However, I think we should redo the dining room. We have bookshelves all around the walls because when we moved in the dining room was the library. For a library, it is great to have bookshelves all around the walls. However, now we have a huge table and six chairs at the table. It makes the room seem cozy.

I think what I would do, if my hubby were up for rearranging (which I know you’re not), is move three or four of the bookshelves upstairs and line the back wall of the media room with them.

I would put the china cabinet on the wall from which we removed the other bookshelves.

Then I would probably get two or three more of my favorite bookcases from Cost Plus and put them in the living room and move books to them. I’d put some of the older bookshelves, that aren’t as pretty, up in the Teen Room. Not that I think they would put the stuff in them, but they might like to have them up there later.

I would get rid of the particle board with plastic veneer bookshelf which we got from my grandmother. If I had places to put all the stuff that’s in it now.

I think that would take all but one of the bookshelves out of the library. Of course, I just called it the library, so maybe not.

Maybe I should just get bookshelves for upstairs so that I can put all the books out.

Or maybe I should cull books. We do have a lot we never use. We have some that are old and not going to get used. (I won’t do it till you come home and approve the removal, R.)

We have a lot of little kids’ books, but one of the things R’s mom told me when we started having babies was that she was sorry she hadn’t saved R’s books from when he was little. So we’ll probably hang on to those.

It’s amazing how much stuff we have. All very nice.

Maybe that’s part of the problem. We have too much stuff.

I’ve been seriously thinking that M’s bunkbeds need to come down so he can sleep on the bottom one. He’s too tall to sleep there. It’s like being in an MRI case now. I could stack the two mattresses. My Grama H used to do that. Then if anyone came to spend the night, you just drag one of them to the ground.

I found another piece of furniture that I liked while I was out antiquing. It’s a Duncan Phyfe handmade dresser. It was $400. The only problem is that to get it, we’d have to get rid of something else. And am I really ready to let my 11 year old have an antique piece? No, probably not. He does have a dresser that could be given away without too much sadness, but he’s not careful with stuff and it would get bunged up.

Maybe I can get it for Christmas and figure out something. (I mean, maybe someone will buy it for me.)

My Blue Glass

What’s my good stuff?

I have a New Century cobalt pitcher. (Hazel-Atlas late 1920s to early 1930s, $60 list in Mauzy’s.) I bought it in Brenham. (I’d like to go back there on a weekend with money.)

I have a Moderntone creamer and sugar, without the metal lid. I actually don’t like the metal lid, so it’s no sadness to me I don’t have it. (Hazel-Atlas 1934-early 1950s, list $30.)

I have a Moderntone cup and saucer.

There are many more pieces of Moderntone available. Unfortunately there is no Moderntone pitcher. Pitchers are my preference for purchase and collecting. Unfortunately, very few cobalt blue pitchers were made in any patterns. I think there are a total of seven out there. Some of them are very expensive.

I have an Aurora cup and saucer. (Hazel-Atlas 1937-1938, list $23.) I also have the Aurora creamer ($30). There are only a few other pieces of Aurora available and I would like to get all of them. They’re beautiful.

I have two blue milk pitchers in the Chevron pattern. (Hazel-Atlas late 1930s, not listed in Mauzy’s.) One is about 4 inches and one is about 5. Aside from a sugar and a creamer, there appear to be no more pieces in this set. Which is interesting. Apparently Hazel-Atlas just made a few pieces of the ones they liked.

Another Hazel-Atlas piece I have is a 42 oz Fine Rib tilted blue pitcher. Apparently they also made an 80 oz one. AH! Something to look for. I found it for sale for only $125. That’s actually not bad, after looking at some of the blue pieces. (1930s, apparently this pattern in green is rare.)

I also have a Mt. Pleasant Maple Leaf from the L. E. Smith Company. (Early 1930s, list price $25.) I’d love to have the Bonbon with 2 handles and foot, list $35, but I haven’t seen it. I probably would have thought it was modern if I did see it, because it has such clean lines. I guess that’s part of Art Deco though. It doesn’t go with the tendency towards fru-fru that Mt. Pleasant has in general.

Finally, I have a Maple Leaf Wheaton Glass pitcher and tumbler set which was given to me by my grandmother-in-law. What I know is that it is Wheaton, because I found the mark in a glass marks site. What I don’t know is when it was made because I can’t find anything that says. I do know that Dugand and Mosser have both made a similar thing. Dugand in Carnival glass during the Depression. Mosser now. I believe Wheaton Glass was still operating in the 90s, though it started back in 1880. I found something similar to what I have in a 40s-60s glass listing. So, it could be vintage. It could be old. It could be modern. I have no clue.

I would like to collect some Newport, but even Replacements Ltd doesn’t have any of those. They’re a Hazel-Atlas pattern from the mid-1930s.

I would also like the Victory pattern by Diamond Glass-Ware, which was made in 1929-1931. There is a cup and saucer available, but as I’m out of money… Maybe I’ll put it on my Christmas list.

I may have to take up Salt and Pepper shakers. There seem to be more of them which were made.

Or I could just collect all Hazel-Atlas.

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What I Like to Spend my Money on

Despite the fact that I knowingly overspent my allowance, I am usually a careful spender. I plan where I want my money to go and what I want to do with it.

I do have a few things I like to spend money on, though.

I like to spend money on art. I bought a beautiful Tarkay limited serigraph that is huge and hangs above my fireplace now. I bought two AP limited serigraphs of Treby’s. (Although I didn’t take the opportunity to buy a third at what would have been a steal price because I couldn’t believe it was really hers. It was.) They are in my bedroom on the walls. I got a Tarkay, supposed serigraph, although to me it looks like an art print mounted on hardboard. However, it is in a beautiful frame and it looks good on the wall in the media room. I have one serigraph and one limited edition print under my bed because I haven’t framed them and I don’t have a wall to put them on if I did frame them. Mostly, though, I am through spending money on art because I have no more wall space available.

I like to spend money on antique wood furniture. I love old wood furniture. I don’t even care a lot if it is comfortable; although I do try to only buy comfortable pieces. I don’t know a lot about antiques, but I have learned a lot about wood furniture from the late 1800s, early 1900s, which is when most of the furniture I like and can afford was made. I saw a living room set at a ladies’ house in Dallas that I admired. She was my mom’s age and it had been her grandmother’s. It was beautiful. I don’t think it would have been comfortable though. I bought a bookcase/curio cabinet this last weekend and I have to go back up to Dallas to pick it up. Hopefully when there isn’t any rain.

And, this being my easiest downfall because it is cheaper and in greater supply, I like to buy depression glass and blue glass. I’ve seen several pieces recently that I would love to have. The problem? There isn’t really any reason to own glass except that you like to look at it. I have a lot of pieces, but most of my pieces of blue glass are modern pieces that I haven’t gotten rid of because I don’t have enough of the “good” stuff. But I do have some.

Buying Glass

I said I wouldn’t ever again buy a piece that wasn’t perfect. But what if I could buy a piece that sells for $750 perfect? It’s not perfect; it has small scratches and a chip. But I could buy it for $75.

It shows well, even though it is not perfect. And it is a very rare piece, obviously, when a perfect one is $750.

I guess I’ll have to think about it. Especially since I’d be spending money that wasn’t really mine. (Allowance all gone.)

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H-town Blogs I like

My husband looked at the list (earlier) and said “these are all leftwing.” Since I’m not, I thought, wow, I should go back and look. But they aren’t. Or, if they are, it wasn’t obvious to me. But I am still going through the whole list and writing things down.

From the Heart A decidedly right writing left looking blog.


Serenity’s Journal


Went to this one and it has lots of gushing, which I like, because she’s obviously in a good place and having a good time. (Only 4 more months till her wedding!) So Daily exclamations, or something like that, is how it’s listed on H-town.

This blog is mostly pictures. I loved May’s shrines. Some of the others are just pictures. I won’t tell you which ones I liked the best. Explore. Some are fascinating.

This blog is very pro-America, pro-Bush. I especially appreciated the discussion of the electoral college.

This blog was fun and witty.

Passing Up a Windfall

I was antiquing in a town way out in nowhere (go three different farm roads to get there) and found a beautiful Royal Lace pitcher for $175. I didn’t have my books with me and for all I knew it had been reproduced. I couldn’t afford that much for a piece I didn’t love and didn’t know.

Turns out the list price in the books is $500. (Update: I looked at it again and actually the book price on that one is $190. Most places are selling it for the low to mid $200s though, which meanst that’s what it really costs.)

I may start carrying my books in my car all the time and only bring them in when I want to read them in here, since I apparently don’t remember to take them with me when I go antiquing.

Would I have purchased it if I had known? The chances are good.

But instead I purchased a beautiful walnut (though it doesn’t look walnut to me) “bookcase” which is a glass curio cabinet about five feet tall and done in Deco style.

I would love to be able to have the piece. But the money is now a factor because I spent more than my “allowance” on the cabinet. And I still have to get my folks’ truck and head up there to get it. –It was so beautiful I couldn’t bear to pass it up. And then there’s the fact that it gives me more places to show off my blue glass.

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