Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 14

This morning, on my scale, I again weighed 178. That was a negative. That would mean I hadn’t lost any weight.

But when I went this afternoon to QWLC, I weighed in at 179.5, which is 1.5 pounds less than yesterday. (I told them I needed to pee, but no, the bathroom was broken.) What it means is that I have now lost 10 pounds of middle of the day weight.

But my pants are still tight in the waist, which I don’t like. Makes me worry some. Every four pound on Body for Life I lost an inch. Now that was an inch all over, but I am wondering if I’ve lost that on this. I will have to check tomorrow morning.

Chicken, lettuce, and tomato is getting boring. I’ve been going out A LOT, since we were traveling. And chicken/lettuce/tomato is what you can get everywhere.

Today for lunch, with my dad, I had chicken/broccoli/string beans. Today for dinner, out on my way to the hospital to see my sister, I had chicken/zucchini/squash. I’m getting really tired of chicken.

I need to have tuna. I can have it canned once a week.

And I need to have eggs. I can have them three times a week.

I can also have turkey breast but that would mean eating at home.

Maybe I just need to make an effort to eat at home.