Baby released from ICU

R, my three day old niece, was sent home today, straight from ICU. That is good in a way. I am glad that she was sent home. But I also know that hospitals send home babies they expect to die, so I am not totally relieved that she was sent home.

She’s still having some trouble regulating her temperature. They have to keep her bundled up entirely. She still has a rash. I guess her breathing has improved. She does now make little whimpering noises.

My sister says she’s been eating a lot. My sister is tired but relieved that R is home now.

-Somewhat related note: A former babysitter for my kids had a baby last year whose brain was partially outside her head. The dr’s said she would die at birth. Then they said she would die in hours. She’s still alive. Hopefully they can figure out how to help her at some point. You certainly wouldn’t want her playing dodge ball.