Flags and flag-flying

There’s an end to when minority voices are more important than the majority. Or there should be.

BBC is asking whether or not it is okay to fly England’s flag. What the heck? Is it okay to fly a country’s flag? Of course it is. It’s the country’s flag. You live in the country. You ought to be able to fly the flag.

In my opinion, of course I’m one of the “far right” that one of the commentors disses, everyone ought to be able to fly the flag. I think if you live in the country you ought to want to fly the flag.

Probably the reason this is pushing my buttons has nothing to do with St. George.


Closer to home, three black Miami-Dade firefighters felt the sting of being on the wrong side of the new orthodoxy after they removed an American flag from a fire truck when starting their shift on September 15. Channel 7 aired a story on September 18, confirmed by the fire department’s public information office, that the firefighters refused to run calls if the flag was on the truck. They received death threats. People came by the Opa-locka fire station looking for them (they’d been relieved of their duties, with pay, pending an investigation.) “We’re lepers. We’re villains. Our fellow firefighters hate our guts,” says 20-year veteran James Moore. “You have this atmosphere created by the atrocity. I have the deepest sympathy for those who lost their lives and loved ones. But because of what has been portrayed, it has created a war frenzy, it has created this nation that just wants blood.”

The problem wasn’t that they were black. The problem was they weren’t willing to display the flag, a patriotic symbol of unity, when our country was attacked. They didn’t think it was any reason to fly a flag. They live here. They work here. They are protected by our laws. But they don’t want to fly our flag. That’s a problem. Probably not one worth getting suspended for, but yeah, it’s a problem.

Then there was the California version. This is from Urban Legends. But it’s true.

Anyway, in my opinion, anyone should be proud to fly the flag. Anyone should be able to fly the flag. Not flying the flag is okay. But there shouldn’t be any flack about flying it either. And there was. There still is. But mostly because of “zoning ordinances.” How can we have zoning ordinances which make it wrong to fly our country’s flag? That’s ridiculous.