Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 19

First, this morning I weighed 176.2.

Second, you should drink your water during the day. I forgot. Till 10:40. All day long I’d only had 8 oz of water. I managed to chug down an additional 24 in no time flat. The next eight took half an hour. Now I have 17 minutes to drink 32 oz of water. Like that’s going to happen when I already feel like a tug has run aground in my stomach.

I did eat all my food. I did eat it like they said, although I had my fruit late. But I just know I’m going to go in tomorrow and not have lost weight and they are going to take some of my food away.

Now if they would take some protein away I would be short term happy.

If they took one of my fruits away I would sing.

I would even sing if they took one of my veggies away.

But I am sure that what they would really take away would be my starches. And I need my starches. I love my starches. I only get two starches a day and they’re pretty minimal. (One is half a six inch corn tortilla.) I haven’t even cheated on my starches. But I am sure that is what they would take away. Why? Because it is the only thing which is processed. So they’ll take away starches and leave me with the nasty fresh raw foods I don’t want to eat.

The eggs have helped save me. But I can only have them three times a week. And I miss my tuna. I can only have it once a week.

I just cannot drink more water. Dadgumit. I should have realized earlier I wasn’t drinking much today.

Maybe all the rain threw me off.