Texas and Cicada

When I was a child, these were the scariest things in the world. Even though we knew they wouldn’t hurt us. They were honking big bugs and they were loud. One of my cousins put a paper bag full of about twenty in the glove compartment of the car, knowing the owner would open it on the trip to pull out a map, and then let lose the whole caboodle.

Well, it’s periodical cicada time and the maps do not show Texas as a place where they come. Yet I know they were around in the panhandle (Plainview) when I was a kid. Also, found one of the outer shells on the porch two days ago. I meant to show the kids, but I forgot. Apparently the dog got to it, because it isn’t out there now.

Glad to know that is what they were. When I read about them I was like “yeah, we had those.” But then we weren’t on the map. I guess because we don’t have billions.

I cannot imagine having billions. Whew. Swarm the tree and scare you to death.


According to Real Live Preacher, Texas cicadas are not cyclical but annual and they come out on the hottest days. Therefore, by those who know, of whom I was not one, they are called “dog day cicadas.” There you have it. I knew we had those little rascals.

But truthfully, I haven’t seen one in years. Until this year. Maybe we have both and people just don’t notice our cyclical ones because we don’t have a lot. That makes a lot more sense to me.