Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 26

This morning I weighed 174.4 or 174.2, depending on whether it was immediately on rising or before I ate. The 174.4 is what I weighed yesterday and Friday, with higher weights between.

According to QWLC, I have plateaued again at 177.5. I did this at 178.5 and 179.5. So apparently, for the day with clothes, I am getting stuck a lot.

Again they took a starch and a fruit. I gratefully surrender the fruit. The starch I complained about.

Turns out there is a vegetarian version of this diet. Which, of course, involves beans. You can eat beans. And corn. And potatoes. And cheese. And nuts. (Though you can’t eat the last two very often.) But if you go with the vegetarian version, you get beans every day, twice a day. You can have potatoes more often too. Believe it or not, the foods I was really missing are on the vegetarian version. Carrots. Bananas. Yogurt. Peas.

They said you can’t fluctuate between them, though. You have to pick one or the other. I’m pretty wobbly right now. It’s easier to eat out on the one with protein, but I sure am getting sick of this stuff. I wonder if I could try the vegetarian for a few weeks and see how I do.

It’s day 26 and I’ve lost 11 pounds. Of course, as of day 22 I’d lost 11 pounds. Which makes this BAD. That’s a five day plateau (count: 22, 23, 24, 25, 26).

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  1. I like your online diary! i found this looking for other people on the QWLC diet. I just started and i’m having doubts already!!! i’ve got a long way to go so i guess i’d better find a way to deal with it now! anywho good luck with your plateau (these suck)!

    God Bless

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