My Blue Glass

What’s my good stuff?

I have a New Century cobalt pitcher. (Hazel-Atlas late 1920s to early 1930s, $60 list in Mauzy’s.) I bought it in Brenham. (I’d like to go back there on a weekend with money.)

I have a Moderntone creamer and sugar, without the metal lid. I actually don’t like the metal lid, so it’s no sadness to me I don’t have it. (Hazel-Atlas 1934-early 1950s, list $30.)

I have a Moderntone cup and saucer.

There are many more pieces of Moderntone available. Unfortunately there is no Moderntone pitcher. Pitchers are my preference for purchase and collecting. Unfortunately, very few cobalt blue pitchers were made in any patterns. I think there are a total of seven out there. Some of them are very expensive.

I have an Aurora cup and saucer. (Hazel-Atlas 1937-1938, list $23.) I also have the Aurora creamer ($30). There are only a few other pieces of Aurora available and I would like to get all of them. They’re beautiful.

I have two blue milk pitchers in the Chevron pattern. (Hazel-Atlas late 1930s, not listed in Mauzy’s.) One is about 4 inches and one is about 5. Aside from a sugar and a creamer, there appear to be no more pieces in this set. Which is interesting. Apparently Hazel-Atlas just made a few pieces of the ones they liked.

Another Hazel-Atlas piece I have is a 42 oz Fine Rib tilted blue pitcher. Apparently they also made an 80 oz one. AH! Something to look for. I found it for sale for only $125. That’s actually not bad, after looking at some of the blue pieces. (1930s, apparently this pattern in green is rare.)

I also have a Mt. Pleasant Maple Leaf from the L. E. Smith Company. (Early 1930s, list price $25.) I’d love to have the Bonbon with 2 handles and foot, list $35, but I haven’t seen it. I probably would have thought it was modern if I did see it, because it has such clean lines. I guess that’s part of Art Deco though. It doesn’t go with the tendency towards fru-fru that Mt. Pleasant has in general.

Finally, I have a Maple Leaf Wheaton Glass pitcher and tumbler set which was given to me by my grandmother-in-law. What I know is that it is Wheaton, because I found the mark in a glass marks site. What I don’t know is when it was made because I can’t find anything that says. I do know that Dugand and Mosser have both made a similar thing. Dugand in Carnival glass during the Depression. Mosser now. I believe Wheaton Glass was still operating in the 90s, though it started back in 1880. I found something similar to what I have in a 40s-60s glass listing. So, it could be vintage. It could be old. It could be modern. I have no clue.

I would like to collect some Newport, but even Replacements Ltd doesn’t have any of those. They’re a Hazel-Atlas pattern from the mid-1930s.

I would also like the Victory pattern by Diamond Glass-Ware, which was made in 1929-1931. There is a cup and saucer available, but as I’m out of money… Maybe I’ll put it on my Christmas list.

I may have to take up Salt and Pepper shakers. There seem to be more of them which were made.

Or I could just collect all Hazel-Atlas.