What I Like to Spend my Money on

Despite the fact that I knowingly overspent my allowance, I am usually a careful spender. I plan where I want my money to go and what I want to do with it.

I do have a few things I like to spend money on, though.

I like to spend money on art. I bought a beautiful Tarkay limited serigraph that is huge and hangs above my fireplace now. I bought two AP limited serigraphs of Treby’s. (Although I didn’t take the opportunity to buy a third at what would have been a steal price because I couldn’t believe it was really hers. It was.) They are in my bedroom on the walls. I got a Tarkay, supposed serigraph, although to me it looks like an art print mounted on hardboard. However, it is in a beautiful frame and it looks good on the wall in the media room. I have one serigraph and one limited edition print under my bed because I haven’t framed them and I don’t have a wall to put them on if I did frame them. Mostly, though, I am through spending money on art because I have no more wall space available.

I like to spend money on antique wood furniture. I love old wood furniture. I don’t even care a lot if it is comfortable; although I do try to only buy comfortable pieces. I don’t know a lot about antiques, but I have learned a lot about wood furniture from the late 1800s, early 1900s, which is when most of the furniture I like and can afford was made. I saw a living room set at a ladies’ house in Dallas that I admired. She was my mom’s age and it had been her grandmother’s. It was beautiful. I don’t think it would have been comfortable though. I bought a bookcase/curio cabinet this last weekend and I have to go back up to Dallas to pick it up. Hopefully when there isn’t any rain.

And, this being my easiest downfall because it is cheaper and in greater supply, I like to buy depression glass and blue glass. I’ve seen several pieces recently that I would love to have. The problem? There isn’t really any reason to own glass except that you like to look at it. I have a lot of pieces, but most of my pieces of blue glass are modern pieces that I haven’t gotten rid of because I don’t have enough of the “good” stuff. But I do have some.