Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 39


That’s not bad. It’s certainly better than yesterday. But it’s not as good as I would have liked it. I guess I shouldn’t complain. It’s moving down. It’s down from two days ago and significantly down from yesterday, which must have been water weight.

If I lost .4 pounds a day, I’d be thrilled. But this is .2 a day. Which means it will take me five days to lose a single pound.

That’s better than gaining or being stable.

I guess I need to remind myself of the goal. The goal is to lose weight and get healthy.

Yes, it would be wonderful if I could take the weight off quickly, dropping twelve pounds or more a month. But even if it doesn’t come off quickly, as long as it is coming off I am meeting my goal.

In 37 days I lost 15 pounds. If that continues, I will lose the weight I set out to lose in 128 days. Which is more than the 16 weeks QWLC said it would take. Their estimate was 112 days. But I didn’t really believe their estimate. I just hoped it would be right.

Even if the weight loss slows down, I’ll be okay. A pound a week means it will take many more weeks to lose the weight, but I can lose it. That’s the goal. Losing the weight.

If it plateaus for a week, I will take up exercising again. I need to anyway and the drop in weight from adding exercise will hopefully get me moving and keep me moving.

I’d like to add weight lifting, because I enjoy it, but then you add muscle while you’re losing fat and it looks like you’re plateauing. I guess if I’m plateauing for a long time I’ll add it anyway. I mean, then I’ll feel like there is some point to the plateau.

The important thing is to keep the goal in mind: Lose weight and get healthier. Then stay that way.