No car

Once again, for the fourth or fifth week in a row, my car is at the mechanic’s. I hope they can find out what is wrong this time and fix it. I am so sick and tired of this whole thing. I want my car fixed.

I would like to have my car for weeks in a row without having to take it in because the light is on.

Plus, it needs an inspection sticker as of tomorrow, and I need to be able to get it.

I am supposed to be applying for a teaching position at KCA this week. But I don’t see how I can teach there. I am doing Homerun from 8-12 on Friday. Then I have a class at 3 on TR at the college. The only time I could is between 12 and 3 and really I can’t. I need that time to pick up E. So I guess I won’t apply after all.

I want my car back.