Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 41


I’ve now lost 16 pounds. I like that.

Yesterday I had finished all my food by 7. I was a bit hungry when I woke up this morning.

It is supposed to help you lose weight if you eat all your food earlier in the day. But I know that sometimes at night I get hungry. I guess, if I eat early, I could have an Ice Botanical/Diet Sprite drink. That would help break down the hunger pains.

I need to take up sit-ups. That’s not weight lifting and it would make my tummy go down faster.

My girlfriend called and said she can do real push ups now. I don’t think I can do fake push ups.

I need to get working on that.

–I went reading back through my old Health and Looks entries. In August of last year I only weighed 163. So I gained the 22 extra pounds during teaching. Okay, maybe high school teaching was extremely stressful. According to my profile from QWLC, I gain weight when I am stressed. I have a habit of stress eating.

That’s not a surprise.

I weighed 145 six weeks after my youngest was born. Four months later my husband went in the hospital. I gained 15 pounds. It took me a long time to get it off.

I finally got it off, my dad had three or four retinal detachments in a row. I gained weight again.

So, maybe I need to find a new thing to do during stressful times. Maybe I could be like my friends and develop the habit of not eating when I am stressed. Of being much more active when I am stressed.

You know, I am only 9.8 pounds from my lowest weight in several years. That’s another month.

Then I’ll be going lower. Then is when it will get more exciting. I hope.

I may walk up to the grocery store to get some meat for lunch. Or maybe I’ll ride my bike up there. That sounds like a good thing to do. I might buy some lunchables for the boys, too. I am sure they would enjoy that.