New Living Room

I went to my girlfriend’s up in Dallas to pick up the Art Deco bookshelf I bought while antique hunting with her. I wasn’t looking for an art deco bookshelf/curio cabinet, but I really like it. My husband isn’t thrilled because it doesn’t match the Duncan Phyfe in the rest of the room, but…

I have my great grandmother’s rocking chair in the living room, which is far more rustic than any of the other furniture in the room but which has seat cushions which partially disguise the fact. It is actually similar in color to the lighter wood in the bookcase.

Also, the chair I am sitting in is not Duncan Phyfe and is actually a much browner wood color. So, I am not as convinced it doesn’t work. Also, the wet bar in the same room is light oak.

However, since I got a new piece of furniture, I had to move/rearrange.

I eliminated the glass end table which had a plant on it. Moved my grandmother’s table there and put the plant and a big blue vase on it.

Then I turned the couch to face the fireplace. It cuts off the opening into the living room from the entry, but that actually is better, I think. It makes the living room feel like one room instead of kind of like two. It doesn’t close the room off, it just means that when you walk in the front door, you see the back of the couch. Since it is a good twenty feet in front of you, I am not too worried about that.

Since the couch is now in the middle of the room, I broke up the two chairs I had paired together with a table to try and balance the couch. It works much better this way. I don’t know why I didn’t try it before. I put my grama’s rocking chair on the side away from the bookcase, to draw some light wood over there.

Then I put the darker brown chair on the other side, with the Duncan Phyfe sofa table. It’s round and has a drawer. I like it a lot. I think my father gave it to me without my mother’s knowledge, but she doesn’t have room in her house for another single thing.

I had one book and some knick knacks on the round table. But I decided I didn’t like that look.

I took two of the pieces and retired them. (Which means I will be giving them away.) The third I moved to the top of the new bookcase. I put the key to the rounded glass doors in it. I also added two very different vases to that set, to give it some variation in height and bring the blue over to that side of the room more.

Now there are three books on the table. All of which I like to look at or read. So it’s perfect because they are right at my elbow now.

I also took the books and bowl off the coffee table. The bowl is now in the china cabinet being shown off. I retired four pieces from the china cabinet. So, I am making progress in replacing good with better.

(I told R that if I bought more furniture I would get rid of furniture and that if I bought more glass, I would get rid of glass.–The only thing is, he said if I buy another piece of furniture, he’s going to buy a TV. But I found a Duncan Phyfe dresser that I would love to have. And it would only take a couple of months of saving my allowance to get it. And I could trade the dresser in our room to my son, get rid of his white painted one without handles, and have a beautiful piece I love… Drats.)

The living room looks and feels much better in this position.

In the bookcase I put… Guess? Books. I thought I would fill it up with knick knacks, but they don’t look right filling it. So I have one shelf of books. One shelf of mostly books and one shelf of some books.

On the shelf with mostly books I also have a beautiful piece of stand alone Texas Ebony which I bought today at a wood place. (Got to stay out of there if I’m not going to spend money.) I also have three rocks which my great uncle polished. One looks like bone. One is a triangular piece of green malachite, with the veins and everything.

Then on the shelf with a few books, I have a large piece of quartz which a friend gave me acting as a bookend. Then on the other side I have a spalt bowl, beautiful light wood with black inside that looks like a map outline, and a black handcarved bear which belonged to my grandfather. It sets off the light spalt bowl perfectly.

The living room is much better now. I need to vaccuum. I don’t like the coffee table still. And my stereo doesn’t really match the decor. Also, I need to clean off my desk. But I like the room much more now and it seems much more user friendly. (Me being the user probably has something to do with that.