Day off

Today we cleaned the house, rearranged furniture, and got a whole carload of stuff ready for Goodwill, or some such place.

It took us several hours and we all four worked on it. I actually like the results. I don’t think M is too thrilled, because we took the bunk bed out and just left one bed, but…

I think the teen room is turning into the “all the furniture we aren’t using” room. That’s not really what I had planned on doing with it, but so far there’s still room in there. Scary thought.

I still like the living room rearrangement. I did finally move the end table out.

We went and saw Michael’s new media room. He’s built a riser to put in there. It looks very good. If we had two couches for our media room that might be a good idea, but as it is the one couch in there is falling apart. We may actually have to buy a new couch. (Though I will probably try a slipcover first.)

I don’t want to buy a couch.

Of course, if I were prioritizing what I would want done on/in my house, by my choices,…

Lots of money:

new a/c

new siding

$1000 or less (at least I hope so):


lighting in media room

Wow, you know, there’s just not much I want done to the house.

Smaller amounts:

Someone to paint my bedroom. Mostly because I don’t want to.

Crown molding in the media room.


I don’t actually need any furniture. (Except for a couch. And I keep hoping my sister is actually going to replace her leather couches, like she thought she would, and will give those to me. Then I won’t need any.)

I found a beautiful plum pudding Mahogany dresser in Empire style that I like. $800 It doesn’t match the things we have now, but it is in great shape and is totally handcrafted mahogany wood with mahogany veneer.

I also found a Duncan Phyfe dresser, $400. But it is a bit more ornate than I like. So it’s the right style and color to match with the furniture I inherited from my grandmother via my parents, but it doesn’t match perfectly and I prefer the style of the stuff I have now.

I’d kind of like a headboard for our bed, but R and my styles aren’t exactly alike.

I would like to get a new coffee table. Once I even went to buy one with my birthday money, but Pier 1 quit selling the all wood map coffee tables, which is what I wanted. So…

Anyway, it’s good to know there just isn’t much out there that I really want to get.

Besides art in the form of wood, glass, and the rare piece of furniture.