Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 47

I weighed in this morning at 168.6. That means I’ve lost 17 pounds, plus a bit. It’s not as good as I’d hoped to be by now, obviously, but it is great comparatively. I mean, I weigh 168.6, not 185.8-or more.

I’ve been sick and actually I still feel a bit “off my feed.”

I am sure, though, that it’s not the food, since what I am eating is so good for me.

However, I am missing my bread-potato-pasta staples, with the odd sweet thrown in. I’m not a big sweet fan but tonight I was missing oatmeal cookies. I was also missing pizza, nachos, and mashed potatoes.

There is lots of food on this diet; it is just mostly food I don’t like. And even the foods I like are either limited or there are so few of them that it’s becoming “too much of a good thing.”

I do, however, know that going back to doing nothing is not going to help me, so I am hanging in there. Hopefully I will get feeling better quickly and I can get some good foods going again.

The herb/caffeine mix QWLC sells, for $135 a bottle, is very like Metabolife. However, I often went to sleep after taking QWLC’s, which have caffeine in them. On the other hand, I can’t take the Metabolife like they say (an hour before eating) or I will puke my guts out. So… $135 for caffeine that puts me to sleep or $20 for caffeine I have to take with a sizable meal (not just fruit). Obviously my choice is in. I’m sticking with Metabolife.

You know, I am getting so frustrated with the ads for QWLC on the radio. “For only six dollars a week…” And “no shakes or funny supplements.” Then there’s the “no pills” promise. First, $6 a week is only $320 a year. My year cost well over $600 and that was with a discount. So that’s not $6 a week. Plus, you have to spend a MINIMUM of $22 a week on “shakes and funny supplements.” That’s the cost if you buy lots of them at the same time. Then you add in $12 for a month of vitamins, $39 for a month of Carb Blockers, $135 for a month of caffeine, and how much ever the herb stuff costs. Divide by four weeks and you’re spending a minimum of $50 a week. What happened to the $6? I don’t know, but it isn’t true.

If I were starting over again, I might still do it, because I have lost weight, but if I stall out and don’t move anywhere, I am going to be very frustrated. I don’t trust these people, though.