Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 52

I’ve now lost 20 pounds. It is frustrating, a bit, that I gained that much over the school year, but I am thrilled that I didn’t gain all 45 pounds back and that I’m only five more pounds till I’m back to 160.

The best thing about it is that I look better and feel more energetic. (Even when I’ve forgotten to take the caffeine pills.)

I hope that the rest of the weight comes off this easily.

I also hope I start feeling better. I’ve had really bad allergies this weekend. I am feeling better now, though. And I haven’t had any drugs in six hours, so I must be much better.

I got all my food in today except the margarine. (Since I ate one meal yesterday, that’s amazing.) But I missed most of the pills. It’s just been one of those days. Not hectic, but not organized.

I am thrilled with my progress. I hope to continue this well.