Being sick

I have started getting sick a lot.

Yesterday, I got sick after dinner, nauseated and having hot flashes. I wondered if it might be related to menopause, but nausea is not one of the symptoms and I’m not old enough yet, anyway.

Saturday I was also having stomach problems, throwing up, etc.

Today I was fine. Hurray. Then I ate lunch. Before I had even finished my lunch, I was sick. It took five hours to get feeling better.

So what’s up? I think that I am reacting to chicken. I had chicken for dinner last night. I had chicken for supper Saturday. I had chicken for lunch today.

I have looked up food allergies. While some of them mention meat as a possible food allergy, most of them don’t. The physical symptoms for food allergies and food intolerance are the same, so that doesn’t help. Of course, as long as it doesn’t kill me whether it is an allergy or intolerance is irrelevant. I think I am going to avoid chicken and see if I get any better.

The problem with that is that there aren’t a whole lot of other meats I actually eat that I’m allowed on this diet.

If I get significantly better, then I’ll have to figure out something.

If I still get randomly sick, then I will go back to eating chicken.