The Importance of Naming

I do not think that there is magic in naming. Although there is some power. George Washington knew this when he refused to be anything other than “Mr. President.” Children on the playground know this when they use namecalling to keep other children where they want them.

I have always had a think about names. I wanted my son’s name secure before he was born. I understood why a 42 year old man would change his name. I think what name you give someone can change who they are.

Today I discovered I think it is very important. A friend called with news about a baby who needs praying for. She’s in NICU and her veins have collapsed. I asked what her name is. “She doesn’t have one. She’s ‘baby girl M-‘.” No. No. No. I thought they needed to name that baby girl right now, right away. As soon as possible. She needed to have a name that they called her, that she knew for her own.

It’s one reason why my husband didn’t want to take on my last name with his. It’s why I dropped my first name, a heritage name, and kept my middle and last, adding his.

Names do matter.