Angels Unaware

This book is from the Quantum Leap series, but don’t let that scare you off if you weren’t a fan. I was looking for a fun book to read and found this one. I actually read it in the bookstore (I read fast.) and purchased it after I finished it.

The story is about a girl whose boyfriend has gotten in with the wrong crowd and a priest-professor who isn’t thinking about others as much as he should be. The main character, Sam, ends up in a priest’s body at a retreat run by nuns. Al is mistaken for an angel. People see miracles. And good wins the day. Within the book all kinds of theology are discussed, but as part of the story line. And the storyline is great.

I enjoyed this book. The theology is very Catholic, which I am not, but the story is very good. It isn’t great literature, but it is a good read.

Angles Unaware by L. Elizabeth Storm

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