Angels Unaware

This book is from the Quantum Leap series, but don’t let that scare you off if you weren’t a fan. I was looking for a fun book to read and found this one. I actually read it in the bookstore (I read fast.) and purchased it after I finished it.

The story is about a girl whose boyfriend has gotten in with the wrong crowd and a priest-professor who isn’t thinking about others as much as he should be. The main character, Sam, ends up in a priest’s body at a retreat run by nuns. Al is mistaken for an angel. People see miracles. And good wins the day. Within the book all kinds of theology are discussed, but as part of the story line. And the storyline is great.

I enjoyed this book. The theology is very Catholic, which I am not, but the story is very good. It isn’t great literature, but it is a good read.

Angles Unaware by L. Elizabeth Storm

This review by me off a disappearing site.

Eternal Warriors: The War in Heaven, book one

Review from a disappearing site:

“Mariel thought she was the guardian angel of an ordinary boy–until the night an army of fallen angels took an unholy interest in her charge. Overcome by an angel prince of awesome power, Mariel can only watch as an even greater terror descends upon Christopher’s home, then vanishes with him.

Christopher had never believed in angels, or even in God, Heaven, or Hell. But he had never imagined an angel like Kaym, whith his hard-core style, terrible beauty, and distinctly unangelic disposition. Kaym has important friends and incredible power of his own–power that Christopher can share, if he’ll join their fellowship and take up their crusade.”

This is the story of Christopher Lewis, an agnostic sixteen year old, a sophomore in high school, who has been humiliated and taunted; the first day of the book his face was smashed in the snow while classmates watched. When the demons come and offer him power, he accepts. Through him the War in Heaven begins, with Lucifer using Christopher to access the power Jesus gave all humanity to call on his name.

It is also partly the story of his twin sisters Jami and Holli. They have some faith between them. But Jami is a little freaked out when angels appear and prayer impacts the spiritual warfare that is close to engulfing her. Holli knows God and isn’t upset by the fact that angels and demons exist. Together they go to save a world they never knew existed and a brother who has turned against all good without even recognizing it. They are given gifts to discern and command spirits and learn forgiveness.

These three are the main characters, but they are mostly the vehicle of the story. This, without pseudonyms, almost without allegory, is the story of God and Jesus and the angels who worship them and Lucifer and his angels, who have rebelled against God. It isn’t an accurate presentation, that I know of, since I doubt Theodore Beale was an eye witness to the fall of Satan. But it is a believable presentation.

The story is engaging and told well. It is clear why some angels choose Lucifer over God and why others would choose personal destruction over deserting God. The death and resurrection of martyrs is a glorious picture, not a horrific one. One thing this book makes clear is that no matter how beautiful or bright evil seems, God has more power and strength in an empty-handed gesture than the strongest sword ever brought against him.

This story is fascinating. It is well written, drawing me in from the back cover and never letting go of me. I read quickly, so I read the whole book in a bit less than four hours, even though I did have to go make dinner and eat it, in the middle. It all makes sense, how a sixteen year old boy can lose a faith that he never had and turn to darkness and how two fifteen year old girls can learn a faith more deeply and truly than many adults.

Eternal Warriors by Theodore Beale


MW E goes to alternative classes for math and science. M and I work on his school work at home.

TR I teach in the afternoons at the local community college.

Fridays M and I go to “Super Friday.” It’s three hours of classes for kids that include fun things like art, music, and crafts. It also includes history, Latin, and writing. I’m teaching two history classes called “Heroes, Villains, and Henchmen.”

S I’m back at the college teaching.

Su we have church in the morning and, this quarter at least, we’re leading a class in the evening.

Since my high school class didn’t make, my schedule will be much less hectic.

I’ve finished my syllabi for TR classes and sent them off to be printed.

I’ve bought most of the boys’ text books and ordered the others. They’ll be ready for pick up on the 23rd, which is when school starts.

I haven’t finished the syllabi for Super Friday. I’ve got to work on that some more, but it’s not starting until the 27th so I have a bit more time.

Working with E while he’s doing his other school work somewhere else will be a new challenge. As a homeschooling mom, I sometimes have trouble keeping things on track. But I guess I’ll have more schedule built in this year and have to work around it better.

It seems a bit strange that I’m not teaching at the high school, but it will be a nice change. Hopefully my stress level will be down as a result as well.

Presently reading

My brother has recommended many books, most of which I don’t want to read. I am presently, however, reading Planets of Adventure by Murry Leinster.

Lost on a planet that was ecologically prepared with fungus and insects 2000+ years ago, the descendants of a spaceship are dying out. The insects are huge, monstrous, terrifying. The plants are sometimes edible, sometimes deadly. The people don’t think, but run and hide all night.

Until, almost accidentally, one of the tribe of twenty, who is just as fearful and flighty as the rest, sees a struggle and puts together the parts which created the winner- weapons. Using his newfound knowledge, he sets out to secure food for his Saya, a girl with whom he is falling in love.

… Mostly the adventure is composed of details of giant moths, bees, wasps, ants, beetles, spiders, and their varying techniques of living, eating, and dying. But there is just enough personality in Burl, the man character, to keep you interesting in continuing to read.


It is a beautiful day. Despite the voracious mosquitos who are using me for breakfast, the cool morning air, the light breeze, and the variegated greens of the trees make this a gorgeous morning.

Sitting outside with the dog, I have the time to enjoy the morning. She’s a sweet thing, but she likes company. Boy, can beagles bay!

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 84

Twelve weeks today. I weighed in at 158.6 here at home. That’s 27.2 pounds down from 12 weeks ago.

It is not, unfortunately, anywhere near where you are supposed to be by now. Although they say I’ve lost 31 pounds, because they are counting from when I came in the first time. Which was the middle of the day in jeans and a shirt. Now I go in first thing in the a.m. in shorts and a tee-shirt.

At 12 weeks they say I should have lost a minimum of 36 pounds. They also say that it is my fault for not taking their caffeine pills. Give me a break. I looked at the two sets. They’re not identical, but they do have equal amounts of caffeine in them. And $135 for the same thing I can pay $60 for, at the most, is ridiculous. Yes, there’s is a pretty box, but that’s all.

I’ve thought about trying to find them on-line, I know they’re not proprietary, but I don’t remember their name anymore. I guess I could ask someone else on the diet what they are.

They said I need to take EFA’s, that those are what speed up my metabolism. I haven’t been taking them, but I wonder, since the caffeine is in the other stuff, if that is really what it does.

What I know it does is keep my skin from drying out and stops my joints from creaking so much. So I’m going to go back to taking them. I hadn’t been because I didn’t have them out.

I am out of caffeine pills and I forgot to get them at the grocery store this morning.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 83

159.2 again this morning.

The good thing is, it’s not up. The bad thing is, it’s not down.

However, I didn’t quite get all my water in, so that may be part of the problem. I missed 10 oz.

I would love to actually keep losing weight. It would be so much fun to get down to my 16 year low. That’s 145. Of course, if it went lower, that would be good too. I think I actually weighed less when I got married, but I didn’t weigh. I did have to take my wedding dress in. So I guess, when I get to 145, I could try on my wedding dress and see if that’s what I weighed then or if I weighed less.

I am excited about losing weight and am looking forward to watching it continue.

Reading: Number of books, years

Plastic today had an article asking what you intend to be reading that you aren’t yet.

It also starts with the premise that # of bks read per year x # of years in life expectancy = depressing.

E reads 6 books a week x 52 weeks x 70 years = 21, 840 more books.

I read differently. Some weeks I read as few as one. Some weeks I read as many as 120. I’d say I probably average two of those really high weeks a year. Twelve of the really low weeks a year. The rest I’d average between 3 and 10. So at 3 books a week x 52 weeks x 45 years = 7020. I’ll only read 7020 more books in my lifetime. Okay, that is depressing.

If I put it at the 6 it is still only 14,000 books.

I may have to start reading more books.

However, I think that you could easily say that I have read a minimum of 3 books a week all my life. That’s averaging them out and including the weeks I couldn’t read in reality.

3 x 52 x 42.5 = 6630.

That says I’ve only read 6,630 books in my lifetime. Wow. I would have thought I’d read lots more than that.

Updated 7/17/05: I’ve been keeping a list of books I read this year. I am reading an average of 2 books a day. Since I know there have been times when I have read much more than that (ages 7-9 when Dad would take us to the library every day) I think that I can safely say 2 books a day. Starting at age 6.

So 14 x 52 x 36 = 26,208

Okay, that’s a lot more reasonable. Since I own about 5000 books, and I don’t keep every book I read, that sounds much more accurate.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 82: Biking the dog


I have now lost 26.6 pounds. In less than 12 weeks.

Of course, the problem is that QWLC is $45/week to add weeks. There’s no way I’m going to lose the next 14.2 pounds, my true goal weight, in the next 4 weeks. It just isn’t going to happen. Well, okay, stranger things have happened, but I’ll be dancing in the streets if it does.

Even at three pounds a week, well, almost. At three pounds a week I might just lose what I really want to lose. That would be very cool.

I am adding some cardio. I mentioned it yesterday. It’s not a lot, but I am adding some. Maybe it will help up my weight loss.

I did cardio today. Rode my bike with the dog. That’s a balancing act for sure. We found a rabbit and she went racing off. She wanted to chase a bird we scared off the ground… Then she’d want to slow down and sniff. She can run faster than I feel that I can pedal the bike and still keep a good grip on her and my ability to stop if necessary.

When she finally got the leash away from me she did 360 degree jumps in the air and onto the ground. Over and over.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 81, part 2

I have been on this for 11.5 weeks. That seems like a reasonable time to review. Of course, I really just want to review, so I am going to do it.

I’ve lost 25.8 pounds in 11.5 weeks.

On BFLI lost ten pounds fairly quickly and then slowed down to about a pound a week. I have slowed down to a pound a week, right now. In the last 18 days I have lost 3.6 pounds. That’s a bit more than 1 pound a week still. In 27 days I’ve lost 4.8 pounds. That’s almost four weeks, so about 1.2 pounds a week.

One of the things I have learned over time, though, is to be grateful that I am going in the right direction.

I would like to lose 3-5 pounds a week. That’s what QWL said I would lose. But I’m not. I wasn’t, even doing all their supplements and not cheating at all. They said I would have lost 54 pounds in 16 weeks. 16 weeks is only 4.5 more weeks. So, by the 15th of September they said I would weigh 135. Not going to happen. At my present weight loss, in 4.5 weeks, I’ll weigh about 155. That will be great. But it won’t be 135.

I am going to add three days of cardio to my week. 20 minutes each day of riding my bike. Hopefully that will speed up my weight loss.

It will just be a matter of getting out there and doing it. Like it’s a matter of drinking all my water and getting my proteins in.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 81

160.0 this morning, despite having cheated the whole weekend.

On Friday I had quiche with ham and cheddar for breakfast. I had two bars for lunch. (You’re only supposed to eat one a day.) For dinner I had chicken with oil, rice, and egg noodles.

On Saturday I had beans, beans, and beans. Along with turkey barbeque. Also had a small slice of graduation cake. Then I had bread, a potato, and beef for supper. 8 oz of beef.

Then Sunday I had fried potatoes for breakfast. Queso, chips, and enchiladas for lunch.

I cheated all over the place. But I lost weight. COOL.

I did drink my water.

Quick Weight Loss Center: Day 75

I weighed in at 161.4 again this morning. This is my fifth day at right around this weight. But I also started my period, so that may have something to do with it. I hope so. I would hate to think I’ve stalled out.

I have only had 10 oz of water today and it’s two pm so I better get cracking on that.