Poetry reading

I am in such an isolated place recently, that I don’t know many poetry readers. I think I am the only one. It was a pleasure to read a Sept. 1 post at this site asking if people read poetry for fun. There are fifty comments. All saying yes.

I like Edgar Guest, not much for metaphor but I like his thoughts.

Emily Dickinson, as long as I don’t think of her life.

Kid’s poetry. I have a bunch from my students from last year.

My own poetry. Since I wrote it, it has a lot of meaning for me, even when it isn’t very good.

My son’s poetry. It’s always good.

Edgar Allen Poe. Shakespeare. Donne. Browning. I often re-read the core Am/Brit people, but only a work or two at a time. Longfellow. I like Longfellow.