Homeschoolers and the Military

Joanne Jacobs links to an article which says a Dept of Defense study found found schoolers didn’t hack it in the military. I can’t find that study anywhere. The orig. article doesn’t cite it. It isn’t on the DOD’s website. There are no comments which might cite it.

I put quotes from the thing into Google, but it didn’t even find the blogs.

I was reading another article on recruiting lies and one recruiter told the recruit not to say he had been homeschooled. The recruit had a GED.

I wrote Home School Legal Defense Association about it to see what they had to say. I looked up military on their website and could find nothing about it. They do have an article “HS Continue to Excel in Military.” Anyway, it will be interesting to see what they respond.

An interesting site on military Did you know you have to have a waiver to get in the Marines if you have any kids? You can’t have more than one for the Navy. The AF requires an eligibility waiver if you have any. And, btw, dependent includes spouse; however, a spouse in jail doesn’t count.

Before granting any dependent waiver, the recruiting service will conduct a financial eligibility determination- if your credit isn’t good, you can’t get in. Also, for AF if you have 40% of your military pay in consumer debts, you can’t enroll.

Single parents are not allowed to enlist in the military, period.

The site I am reading implies that homeschoolers are Tier II. Nope, it says they are, except for the Air Force. Tier II candidates are limited to 1-10 percent of the total recruits and have to have a higher minimum score on the tests to qualify.

HSDLA says the pilot program which listed them as Tier 1 was set to expire last year at the end of this month, but that in August 03 it was extended to the end of this month this year.

I will update if I hear anything useful.

HSDLA wrote and said that people who took the GED were claiming to be homeschoolers, so that they could be Tier I and that these people were doing terribly in the military, which is why the military didn’t want them. But, HSDLA said, the military didn’t know who was really homeschooled and who wasn’t.

If the military can’t tell, how could HSDLA differentiate?