Only Some?

“Some Americans believe journalists are guilty of political bias.”

That’s a direct quote. From the Christian Science Monitor.

If only some Americans believe that, we’re a lot more stupid than I have given us credit for.

The article talks about bloggers, not in a glowing way. And I think they don’t give as much support/encouragement to blogging as they should have.

Yes, blogs have biases. But they state their biases. Often in red-white-and-blue coverage.

Yes, the media has biases. TV mostly leans far left. Radio mostly leans far right. Fox tries to be more middle of the road, but lots of conservatives get their news there because it is less left on the TV. But the media tends only to complain about the other person’s biases. Never to discuss their own.

Of course, I was amazed/appalled/something else to hear someone argue that journalists are supposed to be unbiased. No, they are not. They’re supposed to report the truth. But I haven’t expected journalists to not have a bias since I was about 10. And my kids have never expected that.