I feel like I need a vacation.

I worked yesterday. I worked today. I work tomorrow.

Sunday I can’t skip evening service, because Jeff’s doing the study and we need to be there for that.

I am, however, not teaching Sunday morning, so I can skip that. Maybe I will. Except that it’s change Sunday and we have a can that I filled up ages ago to turn in. (Stole all R’s change to do it, too.) I guess we could skip class.

Maybe R and I can go out for dinner. I can make dinner for the boys early and we could go to Carraba’s or something.

I still have to grade papers for tomorrow morning but I’ve put it off. I may be up late tonight and early tomorrow.

Then I have more papers coming in on Tuesday. Two sets I think. The Tuesday morning ones are rewrites, though, which will make them easier to grade. The Tuesday afternoon ones are the second paper from that class.

Busy bee, that’s me. Can’t I be a crocodile instead?