This is the fourth day in a row that I have experienced fairly severe headaches. My eyes hurt, my head hurts. It is not any fun. Sometimes drugs help, sometimes they don’t. I am definitely part of my family, because I put off taking medicine until the pain is debilitating.

I’ve taken 16 Naproxen in the last four days. And I haven’t taken any yet today. Although I am going ot take some right now.

Pain. Pain. Pain.

I looked up migraines and while some of my symptoms seem to be migraines, others don’t. I hope they go away and stay away. I vaguely recall having had a few headaches in a row a few months ago. I need to keep a record, so that if it turns out I am having cluster migraines, I’ll know.

Yesterday I was fine until I ate a Myoplex bar. Then the headache was debilitating. Last night my headache was so bad that I went to bed early. Sleeping felt better.

Today I was fine till I ate four french fries. Then the headache was bad. It has been constant but not a constant level of pain.


I think after reviewing the data, the actual culprit is the caffeine pills that I was taking and have not been taking for the last 5 days. I took 2 Naproxen and made a dent in the headache, but didn’t cure it. I took 1 caffeine pill and the headache went away.

Looks like I may need to wean off those instead of going cold turkey.