People I Am Glad to Hear About

Dutch by Birth, American by Choice talks of his father who experienced the Nazi concentration camps when he was only ten.

Someone You Should Know tells amazing stories of armed service personnel the world over. They are people we should know and people we should be thankful for.

Why we should have gone to war, by someone who went is an incredibly articulate argument of the type I expected to find in the media, but never did because they are, after all, incredibly left wing.

Military Servicewoman Morgenthaler , in since Vietnam, writes about her experiences in Iraq and on R&R at home with her two kids, her husband, her dog, and her cat. They have a full house there.

An article about another American hero in Iraq who joined the reserves “for the children.”

I wish I thought I could get through a discussion of the lives of some of these people (for my Heroes and Villains class), but I’ve been through four kleenex just reading them myself. If I tried to talk about them, I would not be able to.

A soldier’s response to the cricitism of the president for visiting the carrier. (I’m still reading flack about that today. Don’t know why it is coming up in blogs again.)