Politics and a Voice In It

I have read many articles and blogs recently suggesting that Americans no longer know what the issues are because they feel that their vote does not count. Although I hate to say this, didn’t they hear the response to the Florida election? Every single vote counts.

But I am not so sure that all of America is ignorant of the issues, the facts. I certainly am not. Neither is my 11 year old son. Perhaps my 13 year old son is, but I doubt it. He knew enough to argue that the National Review’s cover wasn’t persuasive. It was funny. But not persuasive. It convinced no one who did not already agree that Kerry was a lying self-promoting hate mongerer.

Why do I not vote for Kerry?

The first thing about Kerry which turned me off, besides the fact that he’s a Democrat, was his lack of responsibility. He fell when he was skiing, but he didn’t accept that fact. He blamed it on the curse word Secret Service guy who was supposed to take a bullet for him. That’s discourtesy at its worst, in my opinion. Also, he lied. He fell often. And even if it had been the Secret Service guy’s fault, I would have been more impressed with the high road.

Another reason is he doesn’t work at what he’s supposed to. 76% of the time, at least, Kerry didn’t show up to vote for the Senate committee he was on. It wasn’t that he didn’t speak; he didn’t attend. Not exactly what I want of a president, someone who doesn’t do his job.

He fought in the Vietnam War, good. He came home and claimed that he and every soldier with him was a war criminal. That’s beyond bad. That’s downright criminal. Unless it was true, then it was a necessary evil. But he’s not claiming to be a war criminal now, is he? No, he’s claiming that he is a war hero. Which he might have been in that short tour in Nam. But he wasn’t any kind of hero when he arrived home, in fact he was the exact opposite.

I disagree with President Bush on immigration. I think if we need the Armed Services on our borders to keep people from breaking our laws then we should have them. If the voters want to change the law and let in law-abiding immigrants, that’s one thing. But for Pres. Bush to say we should pardon the law breakers, again- this has been done before, and start fresh, that is criminal. He’s saying we should reward law breakers. He says we should break the law we have and not have any consequences for that. I am opposed to Bush on immigration.

I am also opposed to Bush on education reform. While I think no child should be left behind, creating a larger government bureaucracy at all levels is not the way to ensure that a child gets an education. I would recommend public sale of schools, charter schools, home schooling, perhaps (though I am off the party line for homeschoolers here) even vouchers for parochial schools or wherever. There is a limited use to government. Being sure that each child receives an education is not one of its uses.

I agree with Bush in most particulars on the War on Terror, the war in Iraq, and our national safety.

Which of these issues do I think is most important? National safety. Hands down I’d rather trust a fly boy from the Guard than a decorated veteran who turned on his comrades as soon as he got home. Kerry hasn’t shown he can do anything. Bush has shown he can lead the nation.

I’m voting for Bush.