Freshman English averages

6 As

5 Bs

3 Cs

5 Ds

0 Fs

That includes all the students who did not turn in an entire paper (10%) or who only did half the work on the second paper.

Those averages were

0 Fs

5 Ds

2 Cs

1 B

That’s right. One of the students who didn’t do the second paper, still has a B average. Think how high their average was before they decided they didn’t want to do the paper.

The good news is that no one is failing and most of these people could pull up their grades if they’d just turn in the work.

It is the 7th week of 15. They have time. We have three more papers, a bunch more quizzes, and the final. But we’ll see. If they care, I expect the grades to spike fairly quickly. If they don’t, then they’ll keep riding along and the next paper they don’t turn in will fail them.

I have done everything I know how to do to help them with their grades.