“Stolen Hour”

Powerline said to go to WTAA’s website and vote on whether they should show “Stolen Honor.” When I went at 9:22 ET, they had changed the question. The question read, “Should John Kerry reply to this show?”

I think, if he has anything worthwhile (i.e., anything that is not a lie), he should reply. But I don’t think he has anything.

This morning I was remembering the question as “Should we give John Kerry an opportunity to reply?” If that’s what they meant, then I say, sure. Give him the same opportunity to reply that he gave the Vietnam Vets to reply. You know, the ones he said were out there killing babies. The ones who were, in fact, actually out there shooting people who were trying to take over their country for Communism. John Kerry didn’t give them any opportunity to reply. I don’t think anyone should “give” John Kerry an opportunity to reply.

Of course, this is the US and we have free speech. But John Kerry has a lot more free speech than those veterans had. He spoke in front of a Senate hearing and garnered national attention either with lies or with a truth he was never held responsible for. And we know from this campaign that the man can’t tell reality from fantasy. So I know which one I think it was.

If John Kerry really saw those things, then he had a responsibility to report them. But he didn’t. I know what the chains of command are. I know people don’t like whistle blowers. (Been there, done that). But John Kerry was responsible for his actions and the actions of those around him by his knowledge. If it really happened, why wasn’t he punished? Why didn’t he turn those guys in in Nam?

Because it didn’t happen. And he came home and lied because, once again, it was a popular cause. John Kerry wouldn’t know reality if it bit him. I’m sure he would think it was a rabid Republican or perhaps a new species of gorilla.